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71: Professional Driver

Sketch Libraries, Framer's new website and our Keynote draft for Apple's September 12th event.

Show Notes

  • Sketch Libraries
  • New Framer website
  • Apple Special Event page
  • Draft:
    • Kevin: 3 new iPhones announced
    • Rafa: The D22 iPhone is called iPhone Pro
    • Rafa: This new model will have black accessories (EarPods, lightning cable)
    • Rafa: This new model has USB C instead of lightning
    • Kevin: This new model has AirPods in the box instead of EarPods
    • Kevin: The updated iPhones (not the D22) are called 8 & 8 Plus
    • Rafa: The new model will have Wireless charging pad in the box
    • Rafa: The D22 iPhone has the same hardware design as what we’ve seen in the MKBHD video
    • Rafa: A new Apple TV is announced with 4K capability
    • Rafa: The new Apple TV will come with a redesigned remote
    • Kevin: 4K iTunes content costs the same as the current HD price
    • Kevin: The new Apple Watch model will have cellular connectivity
    • Kevin: The Apple Watch doesn’t get a hardware redesign
    • Bonus: If the watch does have a redesign, it will be compatible with previous bands
    • Kevin: HomePod release date announcement
    • Kevin: New Apple Watch bands
    • Rafa: Amazon Prime video app for Apple TV
    • Rafa: We will hear more about iMac Pro onstage
    • Kevin: The new Mac Pro will not be mentioned on stage


Our thanks to Guilherme Silva for editing this episode 🔥