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197: Cheat Sheet Schitt's Creek

This week we follow up on last week's topic: talking about how different parts of the deisgn lifecycle can influence your mood, bluetooth issues, iOS 14.5 Beta Apple Watch unlock (when you're wearing a mask), computer literacy and more!

Follow Up

Show Notes

Basic Window Management:
  • ⌘Q: Quit Application

  • ⌘W: Close active window/tab

  • ⌘H: Hide active window

  • ⌘tab: Move focus to different app

Basic text/cursor manipulation
  • Arrow keys: Move cursor

  • ⇧ Arrow: Select text

  • ⌥arrows: Move cursor to beginning/end of word

  • ⇧⌥arrow: Select word

  • ⌘arrow: Move cursor to beginning/end of line

  • ⇧⌘arrow: Selects line

Clipboard managers:
Other shortcuts:
  • ⌘L: focus URL bar in browser

  • ⌘A: select all

  • ⌃⌘Space: Emoji Picker