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16: No One's Trying to Make a Shitty Website

How to work and collaborate with developers and how to make sure your designs and expectations are followed-through.

Sketch 3.7

  • Download the beta
  • Style are awesome now (overrides)
  • Shared Styles now no longer sync automatically

How you work and interact with engineers?

Question asked by Jony Heim on Twitter

What's the problem?

  • Products don't end up like the mockups
  • Things are lost in the process
  • No one's happy


  • Bring developers early

While designing

  • Ask questions
  • Ask for feedback

    • Show your work early
    • Fresh Eyes session
  • Consider edge cases

    • Error states
    • Internationalization
    • Empty states
    • Transitions
    • No internet connection
  • Tip: Bootstrap Grids for example
  • 8pt grid


  • Prototypes
  • Mockups
  • Annotations
  • Zeplin

While developing

  • Get them to care about good design
  • Design reviews

    • Any code in the codebase that affects user experience needs to be reviewed by a designer
    • Stuff doesn't go out unless we okay it