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126: Layouties 2018

Our third annual Layouties! We look back at some of our favorite things of the year and give them awards.

Show Notes

Honorable mentions in the design community this year

Worst design trend

Project/product you wish you has worked on

Favorite Game

Favorite Movie

Favorite TV Show

Best Album

Best Podcast Episode

Favorite Layout moment

Most special moment for Layout this year

One thing you learned about yourself

  • Rafa learned that he is way less chill about stress than he thought
  • Kevin learned that he is better at dealing with uncertainty than he thought

Special life moment of the year

  • Rafa moved to Amsterdam!
  • Kevin visited Portugal

Special work moment of the year

  • Rafa took over as Head of Design at Netlify
  • Kevin set up the Checkout team to be independent to allow him to focus on building a new team