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26: I Have Velcro Shoes and Pokémon

Rafa gets sherlocked and we give tips for how to make the most of feedback sessions.




  • A good gut check to make sure you’re not too far off the mark
  • Challenges you to do better
  • Brings different perspectives
  • Forces you to think about your work critically


  • As soon as possible
  • At the different stages of a project


  • Sketches/wireframes are a great place to start
  • Things you need guidance on


  • In person
  • Share a framer/atomic/invision prototype


  • Printing stuff & putting it on the walls
  • Explain what kind of feedback you're looking for?

    • Do you want feedback on the general direction?
    • Do you want more ideas?
    • Do you want to get feedback on the little details?
  • 20/80% review
  • Do you need feedback on everything or just a specific part?



  • Atomic: A design and prototyping tool that makes it super easy to create high fidelity mockups and create advanced prototypes, all in the same place. Try Atomic free for 30 days