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83: 2017 Layouties

As always, we close out the year by rounding up and giving “awards” to our favorite things of the year.

Best Album

Best Movie

Best TV Show

Best Game

Favorite Podcast

Favorite Twitter Account

Best iOS App

Best Mac App

Favorite Gadget

Favorite Purchase

Favorite professional achievement

  • Kevin: Kevin’s Team™
  • Rafa: Netlify’s new Design System
  • Honorable Mentions:
    • Layout 2.0
    • MobX Conference

Favorite Layout episode

Favorite Design Drama/Story

Worst experience of the year (recommended by listener Chevy)

  • Rafa: Falling behind on my side projects (demotivation)
  • Kevin: My flight to SF

Best experience of the year (recommended by listener Chevy)

  • Rafa: Diet/Workout plan
  • Kevin: London design conference

Listener of the Year