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15: Hiring a person, not a portfolio

Job interviews, how to get and prepare for them

Follow up

Show topic: Job interviews

How to get an interview?
  • Have a portfolio

  • Be out there! Twitter, Dribbble, Medium, etc.

  • Be involved in community events, meetups

  • Squares Conference

    • Use discount code SQUARES25 for 25% off
  • Ask people to grab a coffee

  • Advice for people fresh out of college

Types of interviews

General life story

  • Show you’re passionate (reference articles, etc)

  • Tell a good story

Portfolio review

  • Only show your best stuff

  • Be honest (being critical of your work is good)

  • Be open to feedback

Design exercise (whiteboard)

  • How is it like to work with you?

  • What’s your thinking process like?

  • Design Criticism (at Facebook)

Sebastian on Twitter asks: “What’s your worst interview experience and what kind of question should the interviewee ask in an interview”

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